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Cloud Connected

Cloud Connected
Out Of Stock
Cloud Connected

Battery Assortment "Cloud connected", consisting of 6 cakeboxes with totally 259 shots in caliber 20mm and 30mm, with many different effects and shapes.


1.) Silver 3-Stage-Whistles;
2.) Blue mine to Corolla Tail to strong titanium Salute; 3.) Chicken blood red and blue mine to big gold tail to Chicken blood red and blue Dahlia with golden willow.
4.) Violet and green mine to white glittering tail to Violet and green dahlia with white strobe;
5.) Alternating:
- Chicken blood Red mine to white strobe tail to Chicken blood red Dahlia with white strobe;
- Blue mine to Big titanium gold tail to big titanium Gold palm with blue peony;  
- White strobe mine to big gold tail to golden willow to white strobe tips;
- Silver brocade mine to Big silver brocade tail to silver brocade crown with silver Chry tips;
6.) Red strobe mine to Silver whirl/spinning to red strobe peony with big silver brocade palm;
7.) Green strobe mine to Silver whirl/Spinning to green strobe peony with big brocade palm;
8.) Fanshape of blue mines to Silver whirl/Spinning to blue dahlia with white strobe;
9.) the effects from Nr. 5 again;
10.) Purple mine to Corolla tail to Corolla palm with purple stars
11.) Blue mine to white strobe tail to Blue peony with white strobe willow;
12.) Fanshape of brocade mine to big silver tail to blue peony with big silver brocade palm;
13.) the effects from Nr. 5 again;
14.) Z-Shape with final fanshape-salvo of golden willow mine to Big silver tail to Big silver brocade palm with purple stars;
15.) the effects from Nr. 5 again;
16.) W-Shape, outside: Blue mine to brocade tail to gold titanium willow with big gold chrys and titanium burst; inside: Chicken blood red mine to chicken blood red tail to chicken blood red Dahlia with titanium burst;
17.) Z-Shape of blue mine to brocade tail to blue Dahlia with titanium Break;
18.) Fanshape of chicken blood red mines to big brocade tails to chicken blood red Dahlias with titanium burst;
19.) Final salvo of crackling mines to crackling tails to strong salutes


Gewicht je VE20 kg
Kaliber30/20 mm
NEM497 g
EAN (VE/Karton)5901122920762
EAN (Packung )/
EAN (Produkt)5901122900542
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