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A fistful of Gold

A fistful of Gold
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A fistful of Gold

72shots in caliber 25mm with the following effects:  

1.) Gold tail to golden willow with blue peony

2.) V (left)-shape:Gold titanium tail to gold titanium willow

3.) V (right)-shape:Brocade tail to brocade crown

4.) V (right)-shape:Gold titanium tail to gold titanium willow with brocade crown

5.) Nishiki Kamuro tail to Nishiki Kamuro with gold strobe

6.) W (middle)-shape:Willow diadem tail to willow diadem with red strobe

7.) W (left)W (right)-shape:Corolla tail to Corolla with green strobe

8.) Z,FAN-shape:Brocade tail to brocade crown with white strobe


Brenndauer39 s
CE-Nummer2806 - F2 - 002550
Gewicht je VE6,8 kg
Kaliber25 mm
NEM999,36 g
EAN (VE/Karton)5901122922032
EAN (Packung )
EAN (Produkt)
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