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Cloud Connected
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Brand: Funke Model: FCM259-1
Battery Assortment "Cloud connected", consisting of 6 cakeboxes with totally 259 shots in caliber 20mm and 30mm, with many different effects and shapes.Effects:1.) Silver 3-Stage-Whistles; 2.) Blue mine to Corolla Tail to strong titanium Salute; 3.) Chicken blood red and blue mine to big gold tail t..
Mei Banfa
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Brand: Funke Model: FCM206-1
Batteriesortiment bestehend aus 10 Einzelbatterien mit gemischten Effekten. Im Stahlkäfig. Achtung, reduzierter Preis, da die Batterien, wenn sie verbunden werden, deutlich zu schnell durchbrennen. Dies bitte beim Kauf beachten! Für Kunden mit entsprechender Befähigung wird empfohlen, die Stoppine..
Pyroshow 1000-B Tasmania
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Brand: Argento Model: AR-C02
1Gold titanium tail to gold titanium willow with brocade crown2.Corolla tail to corolla with blue stars3.Corolla tail to corolla with green stars4.Left and right: Blue Crosette. Middle: Green crosette.5.Brocade tail to brocade crown change to blue with green strobe6.Brocade tail to brocade crown cha..
Pyroshow 1500-A Malibu
Brand: Argento Model: AR-C09
1.Blue tail to white strobe with purple and yellow stars2.Gold titanium tail to gold strobe with orange, blue, red, purple stars3.Gold titanium tail to green strobe with orange, blue, red, purple stars4.Red glittering tail to red strobe with blue and green stars5.White glittering tail to white strob..
Pyroshow 2000-E Infinitum
Brand: Argento Model: AR-C08
1.Gold titanium tail to gold titanium willow with blue peony2.Blue tail to gold strobe blue peony3.Brocade tail to brocade crown purple peony4.Purple tail to green strobe purple peony5.Corolla tail to corolla red peony6.Red tail to white strobe red peony7.Silver crackling tail to timerain with red s..
Supernaut 1
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Brand: Funke Model: FCM288-1
Battery assortment with 288 shots in the calibers 20-30mm, with brocade- and corolla-effects, combined with different color- and strobe-stars as well as mines, with fanshape-salvos of whistles and titanium salutes1.) Fanshape-Salvo of brocade mines to alternating silver whistles, titanium salutes an..
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Brand: Funke Model: FCM259-2
Effekte: 1.) Langbrennende Silberheuler 2.) Salve aus Grünblinker-Feuertöpfen zu grünem Leuchtspur-Aufstieg zu Titansalut 3.) Rasant im Wechsel geschossene Aufstiegseffekte in rot, grün, gelb und silber verwandeln sich zu Blink-Buketts in rot, grün, gold und weiß. 4.) Rasant im Wechsel geschossene A..
Vivaldi 1.4G
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Brand: Funke Model: FCM232-1 1.4G
Row 1: Alternating: Green strobe mine to Lemon and purple Crosette; Row 2: 7 shots Green strobe mine to green glittering tail to green strobe with purple Dahlia / 1 shot Green strobe with green glittering willow mine; Row 3: Gold strobe mine to gold glittering tail to gold strobe with purple Dahlia;..
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