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Paranoid 2
Brand: Funke Model: FC30-116-2
116shots compound in caliber 30mm with brocade, strobe and color effects, combined with mines and tails, fired in variating angles, with final titanium salute salvo. Effects:1.) White Strobe mine to Brocade tail to white strobe with Brocade crown;2.) Gold strobe mine to Titanium gold tail to go..
Brand: Funke Model: FC30-100-13
Sortiment aus Batterien mit rasant geschossenen farbigen Leuchtkometen zu farbigen Polypsternbuketts mit Titanzerlegern in 5 verschiedenen Farben, mit Finalsalve ..
Supernaut 1
Brand: Funke Model: FCM288-1
Battery assortment with 288 shots in the calibers 20-30mm, with brocade- and corolla-effects, combined with different color- and strobe-stars as well as mines, with fanshape-salvos of whistles and titanium salutes1.) Fanshape-Salvo of brocade mines to alternating silver whistles, titanium salutes an..
Brand: Funke Model: FW44-A
Ein Wirbel mit Silberfunken und Pfeiffeffekt, der sich abschließend mit grüner Leuchtspur in die Luft erhebt. 4 Stück pro Schachtel...
Brand: Argento Model: AM20-M2
1.) Pink and lemon with big silver chrys mine 2.) Aqua and orange with big silver chrys mine..
Screaming Chrysanthemum
Brand: Funke Model: FC24-100-1
100 shots compound in caliber 24mm.Rapidly shooting silver screeching spinning tails, bursting with loud bangs to big silver chrysanthemum crackling combined with colored peonies in red, green, purple, yellow and blue...
Brand: Funke Model: FW5-MIX
Assortment of 3 different rising spinners, flying up with sparks and color change and spitting out stars at the end.Contains:2x Kondor SilbercrackerTitanium sparks to red to titanium sparks to big silver chrys 2x Kondor BrokatGolden sparks to green to red to brocade crown 2x Kondor BlauTit..
Brand: Funke Model: FF-16GF150-MIX
Sortiment aus Goldfontänen mit Farbsternen. Je eine Fontäne in rot, grün, violett und blau, stets kombiniert mit langbrennenden Goldfunken...
Brand: Funke Model: FFC-CRK-3
5 fan-shaped fountains in caliber 30mm creating a wall of Big silver Chrysanthemum Crackling with red strobe..
Brand: Funke Model: FFC-GOLD-4
5 fan-shaped fountains in caliber 30mm creating a wall of violet stars combined with golden chrysanthemum flowers. ..
Brand: Argento Model: AC20-16-13 1.3G
White strobe mine to red tail to titanium salute..
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