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Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-23
Blue mine to orange titanium tail to blue peony with orange titanium palm..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-16-5
Alternating:a) Crackling tail to crackling willow with red tips (burn at the same time) and blue peonyb) Crackling tail to crackling willow with purple tips (burn at the same time) and green strobe..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-25-3
Alternating: a) Red Palm tail to red Palm with big silver Chrysb) Blue Palm tail to blue palm with big silver Chrysc) Yellow Palm tail to yellow palm with big silver Chrysd) Violet Palm tail to violet palm with big silver Chryse) Green Palm tail to green palm with big silver Chrys ..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-33
Corolla tail to Corolla change to blue tips with red strobe..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-1
Gold glittering tail to Green strobe with red Plum..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-39
Goldblinker-Feuertopf zu goldenem Knisterschweif-Aufstieg zu goldener Knisterpalme mit großem Bukett aus Silbercrackern. ..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-40
Silbercracker-Schweifaufstieg zu langbrennender Silbercracker-Palme, kombiniert mit großem Bukett aus Goldcrackern. ..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-32
Brocade tail to Brocade crown change to purple tips with green strobe..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-38
Silberschweif-Aufstieg zu zeitversetzt in 2 Stufen aufleuchtenden Blütensternen in Weiß und Rot. ..
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