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Neon Knights 1

Neon Knights 1
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Neon Knights 1

Cakebox with different shooting directions of peony and dahlia-effects, combined with titanium bursts and silver palms.

1.) Brocade tail to orange and blue peony with titanium burst

2.) W-Shape: Silver tail to blue peony with silver palm

3.) Brocade tail to red and turquoise peony with titanium burst

4.) V-Shape: Silver tail to chicken blood red peony with silver palm 

5.) Brocade tail to lemon and purple peony with titanium burst

6.) W-Shape: Silver tail to lemon peony with silver palm

7.)  Brocade tail to orange and green Dahlia with titanium burst.


Brenndauer 30 s
CE-Nummer 1008 - F2 - 69259559
Fächerung I
Gewicht je VE
Kaliber 25 mm
Klasse 1.4G
NEM 465,12 g
Schusszahl 34
Verpackungseinheit 6/1
EAN (VE/Karton) 5901122920144
EAN (Packung ) /
EAN (Produkt) 5901122920144
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