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Brand: Funke Model: FC30-116-1
Effekte: 1.) Feuertopf aus grünen Blinksternen zu Corolla-Schweifaufstieg zu Corollaweide mit grünen Blinksternen 2.) V-Fächer: Blauer Feuertopf zu Corolla-Schweif zu Corolla-Weide mit roten Spitzen; Roter Feuertopf zu Corolla-Schweif zu Corolla-Weide mit blauen Spitzen 3.) W-Fächer: Rechts und..
Mei Banfa
Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: FCM206-1
3 compounds with 206shots in calibers 25mm & 30mm, with ca. 4,8kg total powderweight. The effects were chosen based on a big cakebox for the chinese domestic market.Effects:1.) Shots of 2 comets with long lasting titanium tail comets in red and green, as well as timerain comets2.) 6x 5 shot salv..
Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: FCM188-1
Double-compound with 188 shots in mixed shape and ca. 4kg powderweight. The composition of the effects was created according to a professional cakebox for the chinese domestic market.1.) 5-shots salvos of red tail to brocade & chicken blood red dahlia; Green tail to brocade & green dahlia; P..
Brand: Funke Model: FC30-200-1
ACHTUNG! Für den Artikel werden auf Grund hoher Nachfrage nurnoch Bestellungen zur Abholung angenommen, die auch dieses Jahr noch abholen kommen, da wir möchten, dass so viel wie möglich noch die Endkunden erreicht. Wenn Sie zur Abholung bestellen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte sofort per Email und nen..
Fermata 100A
Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: FC30-100-15
Sortiment aus Batterien mit in 5er-Salven geschossenen Dahlien-und Goldeffekten mit Titanzerlegern, finalisierend in 10er-Salven aus Blinkstern-Dahlien-Buketts und Titansaluts ..
Elegant Night
Brand: Funke Model: FC30-100-7
Brocade crown with red strobe mine to red tail to brocade crown to red tips; Brocade crown with green strobe mine to green tail to brocade crown to green tips;Brocade crown with blue mine to blue tail to brocade crown to blue tips; Silver brocade crown with purple mine to big silver brocade tail to ..
Corolla Blue
Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: FC30-100-3
Blue mine to corolla tail to blue peony with corolla ..
Cloud Connected
Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: FCM259-1
Battery Assortment "Cloud connected", consisting of 6 cakeboxes with totally 259 shots in caliber 20mm and 30mm, with many different effects and shapes.Effects:1.) Silver 3-Stage-Whistles; 2.) Blue mine to Corolla Tail to strong titanium Salute; 3.) Chicken blood red and blue mine to big gold tail t..
Vivaldi 1.3G
Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: FCM232-1
1.3G version without iron cageA journey through the 4 seasons spring, summer, fall and winter, which appear successively in the night sky in the shape of mines, comets and bouqets in different shapes, calibers and variations.Spring:1.) Fanshape salvo of gold strobe mines to green glittering comets; ..
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