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Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-1
Gold glittering tail to Green strobe with red Plum..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-33
Corolla tail to Corolla change to blue tips with red strobe..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-32
Brocade tail to Brocade crown change to purple tips with green strobe..
Brand: Argento Model: AC20-10-4
Alternating: Blue tail to blue peony with red strobe; Corolla tail to corolla with green strobe..
Brand: Argento Model: AC25-10-16
Roter Blinkschweif-Aufstieg zu Titangoldweide mit roten Blütensternen. ..
Brand: Argento Model: AC30-13-26
Zweifarbiger Blinkschweif-Aufstieg zu zweifarbiger Blinkweide, immer mit roten und grünen Blinksternen. ..
Brand: Argento Model: AC25-25-10
A. Purple tail to purple peony with gold strobe; B. Purple tail to green strobe with gold titanium willow change to purple tips; C. Purple tail to purple peony with brocade crown; D. Purple tail to corolla change to purple tips; E. Purple tail to corolla with purple Dahlia...
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